Katie & Tyson - A Holy Name Cathedral and Yacht Wedding

katie & tyson - a lake michigan wedding


When I first met up with Katie one frigid Sunday afternoon last January to talk about her wedding and she mentioned the words “summer” and “yacht” and “on Lake Michigan” my excitement level to shoot this wedding went through. the. ROOF.

As a former co-worker of Katie’s sister from a few years back (hi, Mari!), I already knew that this day was bound to be everything that the Galle girls are: sweet, beautiful and a ton of fun. But JEEZ did it exceed my expectations!

Katie and Tyson made it official at the STUNNING Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago. It’s one of those churches so absolutely beautiful that you have to remind yourself to breathe occasionally. Raised Catholic, I am hugely sentimental towards gorgeous Catholic churches and so had to get there early just to satiate my desire to look “up” before the bride arrived. I didn’t need to worry, though, because once Katie arrived wearing her Great Aunt Rose’s wedding dress from 1953 it was almost impossible to look anywhere else.

Maybe it was the beautiful Catholic mass. Perhaps it was the multi-generational dress from heaven. Maybe it was the love flying through the sanctuary. But I may have (read: definitely did) shed a tear during the vows…….but then that’s nothing new…..!

After changing into a more contemporary - but equally gorgeous - gown, Katie, Tyson and I dashed around the city, making sure to stop at the parts of Chicago that are imperative to their love story (all the while listening to the Amelie soundtrack, no less). Ending up on the Anita Dee II and capping off the night with fireworks while drifting in Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline behind us…….scroll on down to check out some of the magic!

Katie and Tyson are perfect for each other and I was lucky enough to capture their day. Holy cow. Congrats, you two!