Why You Should Absolutely Bring Your Dog to Your Engagement Session

Now. the whole point of an engagement session is to capture the love between you and your partner, right? It’s your unique connection and commitment to each other that brings us all here in the first place, ya dig?

Now I ask you, what says “love” and “commitment” like sharing the responsibility for the well being of your beloved child?

I am, of course, talking about fur babies here.

One of the top requests I get from my awesome couples are “Can we bring our dog along?!”.

Now, those who know me know that I have not one, not two, but THREE (yes, three) dogs. And Baby Ping, the cat, of course.

My answer to that question is always a passionate and resounding, “YES! Omg please bring your dog!”.

Here are a few reasons why:

See what I mean?! Obviously you should bring your dog along (or cat! I’d be so open to you bringing your cat).

That being said, here are a few tips to set you up for success:

  1. Decide if you want to have your pup in most of the photos

Jenny and Jeff are absolutely in love, both with each other, and with their amazing dog, Peach (and I can’t blame them. Just look at those eyes!


We had a blast strolling around their neighborhood and even brought Peach to the beach and had a lovely walk, capturing images true to a day in their life together. I loved the results!

Dana and Nick opted to have their engagement session at the Chicago Riverwalk one perfect July morning. We started off taking their adorable little Harley for a walk, snapping beautiful images as we strolled and ended up dropping her off at their nearby apartment before heading to Lincoln Park to get some fabulous portraits of just the two of them.

2. If you’d like photos sans-doggy, have a post-pup plan.

If you would like some photos of just the two of you without your best four legged friend, planning on bringing along a puppy wrangler who can take the dog for the latter half of the session is typically the best game plan. That’s what Dan and Liz did during their Chicago Montrose Beach engagment session and it worked out perfectly (thanks to their lovely friend!). We spent about the first ten minutes with the amazing Neil and then he went off to frolick with his pal while we captured some gorgeous moments more on the romantic and less adorable (or at least less canine) side of the aisle!

3. Props only add to the adorable joy that your dog lends to your session!

The Save the Date Sign

There are, of course, the every popular signs that you can hilariously pop on your dog. This option creates an amazing Save the Date!

Flower Crowns, Bows and Other Accessories

Katie got super creative and made her dog’s only little flower crown/necklace for her and Adam’s autumn engagement session in Lincoln Square, Chicago.

I was obsessed with Dana and Matt’s amazing little beagle (Addie!) and her accessories! Not only did she have a sign in the shape of a bone, but she had little fashion bandanna. It slayed me.

4. It’s like a family portrait and engagement session all in one.

Bringing your dog along is such a great way to squeeze a mini family portrait session into your engagement photos. Your dog is a huge part of your life together and it’s such a wonderful way to always remember this special time in your lives.

5. Why confine them to the engagement session?!

I have some upcoming 2020 weddings where the dogs are going to be involved on the day of and I am sooo excited. Just this month, Paige and Carl opted to have the unbearably adorable Pippa act as flower girl on their wedding day and I just about died from pure, unadulterated joy.


This is your time, so if your puppy is a huge part of your life, why not bring them along on your engagement session?!