Kelsey & Brian - A Montrose Beach and Bird Sanctuary Engagement Session

Every now and again I’ll get to a shoot location and be completely bowled over by how perfect everything is: the lighting, the way the gray sky seems to melt into a pale lake as fresh pools reflect the seagulls overhead. A calm, dark forest that is straight out of an enchanted Grimms Fairy Tale (minus all of the awful stuff, obviously!).

The morning of Brian and Kelsey’s engagement session was definitely such an occasion. Chicago’s Montrose Beach (aka my absolute favorite spot in the city for engagement sessions) looked like one giant water color painting and I was in artist heaven. Then came along this wonderful couple and, well, let’s just say it doesn’t get much better as a portrait photographer.

Brian is going to be on American Ninja Warrior this summer and I most certainly will be tuning in! This proceeds their wedding next year in Ireland - all kinds of incredibly exciting stuff on the horizon for this wonderful couple!

Congratulations, Kelsey and Brian!